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More Fun with Irregular Verbs

“In the past, they have not went if it was out of the country.” So spoke a poised, informed young woman last week on a political talk show. And this was no anomaly. Abuse of irregular verbs is sweeping the nation—so much so that some readers will see nothing wrong with the sentence quoted above.

So take a moment to take today’s irregular-verb quiz. The answers are directly below the test.

Irregular-Verb Pop Quiz

1. The child took the portrait and ___ it on the wall.

A) hung
B) hanged
C) A and B are both correct

2. You have clearly ___ me for someone else.

A) mistook
B) mistaking
C) mistaken
D) mistooken

3. I have ___ relatives who offer criticism but no support.

A) outgrew
B) outgrown
C) outgrowed
D) outgrowing

4. I would have probably ___ the sweetest dessert.

A) chose
B) chosen
C) A and B are both correct

5. The last time we were together, we ___ all our favorite songs around the fire.

A) sing
B) sung
C) sang

6. He felt that his life had been cruelly ___ apart.

A) torn
B) tore
C) toren
D) turn

7. This game has, despite its success, ___ a complete makeover.

A) underwent
B) undergone
C) under went
D) under gone

8. Fred has ___ the lawn every Saturday.

A) mowed
B) mown
C) A and B are both correct

9. A bee ___ her as soon as she opened the door.

A) stang
B) stung
C) sting

10. The public is ___ to leave the trail.

A) forbid
B) forbad
C) forbade
D) forbidden



1: A) hung

2: C) mistaken

3: B) outgrown

4: B) chosen

5: C) sang

6: A) torn

7: B) undergone

8: C) A and B are both correct

9: B) stung

10: D) forbidden

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4 responses to “More Fun with Irregular Verbs”

  1. DIrk van Eijk says:

    Nice challenge but I think question 9 is the simple past of ‘to sting’ and according to my dictionary stung and stang are both right.

  2. Cecilia Y. says:

    What is past tense of forbid?

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