The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

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When you send out a message, you want it to connect with those who care about what you do and have to say. It should be polished, precise, and persuasive. It should also sound like you and represent you with style.

Weblinx, Inc. makes an instant impact on your written communications by helping you define and express your most important assets. Reach your audience through targeted eloquence that makes words as powerful as images.

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Marketing Strategies

Develop the plan and the language that set you apart.

To relate to an audience, you need messaging with an identity they trust and recognize.

Weblinx helps you create your own brand language with a focusing exercise that applies specifically to you and your field. Drawing from your answers, we then help you form the targeted statements and plan that drive your brand into the market.

Your plan may include components such as a leading value proposition, key words to use, market-exposure ideas, and message-delivery recommendations.

Creative Content Writing

Fill people's minds with the thoughts that draw them to you.

Your marketing speaks for you when you cannot. You will attract your audience with the right ideas written the right way.

Weblinx composes the original content that engages those you want to reach.

Concise Content Editing

Ensure what you've written is crisp.

You might have existing content. What's missing is eloquence—an articulate, persuasive flow of language with smooth transitions, grammatical accuracy, and a compelling start-to-end path. It's lacking that extra something for a desired response.

Weblinx perfects what you've started so your messages stand out with meaning and clarity.

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Content Writing: $125.00/hr.
Content Editing: $125.00/hr.