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Flier or Flyer: Which Word Is Correct?

You’re walking down the street. Someone hands you a piece of paper explaining a community effort. Did that person just give you a flyer, a flier, or something else?

Let’s answer that.

Flyer vs. Flier as a Word Choice

In the U.S., a promotional piece of paper using words and pictures to deliver a message would be referred to as a flyer with a “y.” People hand out flyers for businesses, entertainment, social causes, and many other things.

Here are a few examples of flyer in a sentence:

I’ve been meaning to try that Indian restaurant ever since someone gave me a flyer about their buffet.

After the baseball game, I found my car covered with flyers in the parking lot.

The event sounded great on a flyer, but it turned out to be different from what I’d expected.

The same word spelled the same way can also refer to people, animals, or objects that can fly. It may be used to describe passengers on an airplane as well.

I bought my nephew a wooden flyer to try out in the park.

My sister was able to book her trip using frequent flyer miles.

So What’s a Flier Then?

Although flyer is the common usage in the U.S., you will sometimes see it spelled with an “i,” making it flier. This alternate spelling is preferred in some countries and certain publications. Specifically, some airlines and aviation-industry groups prefer this version when referring to passengers.

For example, you might come across a sentence such as air traffic has increased this summer, with Chicago’s O’Hare airport seeing 22% more fliers than normal.

Although this version of the word doesn’t appear often in America, it is an acceptable spelling. As such, both flyer and flier are grammatically valid.

Flyer vs. Flier: A Closing Note

In sum, flyer is the most prevalent form of the word in the U.S. Flier with an “i” is acceptable, and it may be preferred by some organizations, but it is less common. Unless directed otherwise, you will always be fine using flyer with a “y.”

If you ever have doubts about which spelling to use, your best bet is to consult the style guide your school, business, or publication prefers.

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