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What Is the Plural of Scarf?

We know a scarf can provide some extra warmth on a chilly day. In other cases, it might add a dash of flair to an otherwise lackluster outfit. One thing we might be unsure of, however, is the proper way to write and say the word for more than one scarf.

In this post we will explain the plural form of the word scarf (the answer might surprise you). We’ll also cover a couple more things you might want to know.

Is It “Scarfs” or “Scarves”?

Technically, there are two proper ways to pluralize scarf: scarfs and scarves. Both have the same meaning (more than one scarf), but their pronunciations are different. Scarfs maintains the “f” and “s” sounds, while scarves gives a more pleasant-sounding end to the word.

We should note once again that both spellings are correct, and both plural words mean the same thing. Some people may think that scarves is the only correct version. Let’s look at why that is.

How Alternate Plural Spellings Catch On

A word might have different spellings or pluralizations for many reasons. Sometimes a word’s variations might originate from related languages. In other cases, a particular spelling or pronunciation is more popular in one region than another, or it may have become firmly established during a particular era.

However, as with the word scarves, pluralization (and other grammatical preferences) can often come down to simple preferences. The more people tend to favor one spelling or usage over another, the more prevalent it will become.

Some may also suggest that the version of a word that sounds better tends to be the one that remains with most people. Where scarfs might feel a bit clumsy or clipped for some, scarves rolls from speech more fluently and carries a subtle sense of refinement. That might not seem important, but if you were looking to sell more than one scarf, which word would make your pitch sound more attractive?

The English language is always evolving, so there will always be alternate spellings and preferences among the 1.5 billion people who use it. If you are ever in doubt about how to spell the word for more than one scarf, roll with the one that is more accepted or descriptive. That way, the details of your eloquence will stand out like colorful scarves on a crisp autumn day.

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