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The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

Spelling Quiz

1. For each sentence, select the correctly spelled word.

Her ___ is her motherís best friend.

 A) step father
 B) steppfather
 C) step-father
 D) stepfather

2. The executives sent a letter of ___ to their best agent.

 A) congrachulations
 B) congradulations
 C) congratulations
 D) congrajulations

3. He was acting in ___ to his conscience.

 A) obediance
 B) obedience
 C) obediense
 D) obedianse

4. The changing of the seasons is a natural ___.

 A) occurence
 B) occurance
 C) ocurrance
 D) occurrence

5. The man wore a suit and had ___ just come from work.

 A) evidently
 B) evadentally
 C) evadently
 D) evidentally

6. Tests in the ___ have so far been encouraging.

 A) labratory
 B) laboratory
 C) labrotory
 D) laborotory

7. Shonda read the class an ___ from her new play.

 A) excerpt
 B) excerp
 C) excert
 D) exerpt

8. The movie was called a ___ by the critics.

 A) debokle
 B) dibacle
 C) debacle
 D) dibakle

9. Blane transformed the firm into a sleek ___ that dominated the market.

 A) juggernot
 B) jugernaut
 C) juggernat
 D) juggernaut

10. I think Iíll drive to ___ tomorrow.

 A) Massachusets
 B) Masachusetts
 C) Massachusetts
 D) Masachusets

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