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Identifying Adverbs Quiz

For each of the following sentences, identify the adverb(s).

1. Delfino did very well on his algebra test yesterday.

 A) very
 B) well
 C) very, well
 D) very, well, yesterday

2. The storm approached slowly and disappeared quickly.

 A) slowly
 B) quickly
 C) disappeared
 D) slowly, quickly

3. The toddler walked more cautiously outside than the sitter thought he would.

 A) cautiously
 B) more, cautiously
 C) more, cautiously, outside
 D) thought

4. Brenda was already finished with the project by the time her sister got home.

 A) finished
 B) already
 C) her
 D) already, finished

5. The girls want to leave now; otherwise, they might miss their favorite show.

 A) favorite
 B) now
 C) otherwise
 D) now, otherwise

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