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Identifying Adjectives Quiz

For each of the following sentences, identify the adjective(s).

1. Is anyone planning to eat these leftover meatballs?

 A) anyone
 B) leftover
 C) these
 D) these, leftover

2. The active toddler always disturbs the sleeping cat.

 A) always, active
 B) active, sleeping
 C) sleeping
 D) disturbs

3. It should take you only an hour to finish those easy assignments.

 A) only, finish
 B) easy, finish
 C) those, easy
 D) only, easy

4. I recommend that you buy the larger size in case the cotton shirt shrinks.

 A) cotton, size
 B) larger, size
 C) shrinks
 D) larger, cotton

5. You played a very clever trick on your younger brother!

 A) very, clever
 B) clever, younger
 C) clever, your, younger
 D) very, clever, younger

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