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Hyphens (Advanced Level) Quiz

1. For each of the following, choose the correct sentence.

 A) Mikey is already three years old.
 B) Mikey is already three-years old.
 C) Mikey is already three-years-old.


 A) Mikey is a happy three-year-old boy.
 B) Mikey is a happy three-year old boy.
 C) Mikey is a happy-three-year-old boy.
 D) Mikey is a happy three year old boy.


 A) Mikey is a happy three year old.
 B) Mikey is a happy three-year-old.
 C) Mikey is a happy three-year old.


 A) Let’s get some chocolate ice-cream.
 B) Let’s get some chocolate-ice-cream.
 C) Let’s get some chocolate ice cream.


 A) Who is that suspicious looking person?
 B) Who is that suspicious-looking person?
 C) Who is that suspicious-looking-person?

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