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Hyphens Between Words Quiz

1. For each of the following, choose the correct sentence.

 A) She jumped from a two story building.
 B) She jumped from a two-story building.


 A) The cancellation of the show was a real letdown.
 B) The cancellation of the show was a real let-down.
 C) The cancellation of the show was a real let down.


 A) You must letdown your guard.
 B) You must let-down your guard.
 C) You must let down your guard.


 A) You certainly have a go get-it nature.
 B) You certainly have a go get it nature.
 C) You certainly have a go-get-it nature.


 A) What a cute-little-bird she has!
 B) What a cute little bird she has!
 C) What a cute-little bird she has!

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