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Effective Writing Quiz

1. For each question, choose the better sentence.

 A) We are no longer able to reconcile; therefore, attorneys will be used to effect the dissolution of our marriage.
 B) We have hired attorneys to help us with our divorce.


 A) Our boat capsized in the storm, so we needed rescuing.
 B) The weather had adverse impacts on our boat resulting in the necessity to rescue us from the water.


 A) Our marriage ended in a divorce.
 B) We divorced.


 A) Martina could not find time to walk the dogs, work, and a shopping spree.
 B) Martina could not find time to walk the dogs, work, and shop.


 A) It is a shame that there are so many holidays that go uncelebrated.
 B) It is a shame that so many holidays go uncelebrated.

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